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Our experts have been successfully dealing with offering IT services in Russia and other European countries for more than 10 years. The main areas of our activities are:


1. Design and implementation of a project to build a LAN, including:


a) Selecting the optimum ratio between price and quality of the equipment and SoftWare taking into account business interests:


I. Computing network of the organization with the Internet access in 1 and more WAN channels

II.  Audio and video security

III. Control systems of access and accounting of work time

IV. Analog / digital telephony


b) Preparation of project documentation

c) Construction and installation jobs at the time convenient for customers

d) Hard and SoftWare setting


2. Designing of sites for companies and private persons:


a) Setting detailed specification, taking into account all the customer’s requirements

b) Development of individual design or using ready template for CMSJoomla, Wordpress, 1С Bitrix. Using the customer’s or the third party developer’s design is also possible.

c) Adaptive front-end development due to chosen CMS: Joomla, Wordpress, 1C Bitrix. Design of the site based on individual CMS, with all the customer’s requirements is also available. The advantages of such an approach are: more response duration site, fast download, optimization for search engines (robots).

d) Filling the site with the original content (texts, images, pictures)

e) Setting/writing plugins, mentioned in specification (such as photo / video gallery, feedback forms, registration forms via social networks, forums, etc.)

f) Release quality control: Mutually with the customer and/or his representative all the possible drawbacks of front-end development and back-end development will be eliminated within two weeks.


3. Providing services shared hosting/VDS on Russian, Asian, European and American areas:


a) Selecting optimum tariff plan, we recommend either shared hosting or Virtual Dedicated Server due to the customer’s requirements.

b) Setting a protected web-server (apache, nginx, lighttpd) on one of the modern versions Linux

c) Tuning web-server on Winsows Server (IIS)

d) Mail server on Linux/Windows


4. CRM system implementation for companies of all sizes. We offer due to your choice:


a) Zoho CRM

b) Bitrix 24

c) Individual design for your company


5. Reworking web-projects of any difficulty:


a) Writing extra modules including HTML parser.

b) Founding an on-line shop on the basis of the customer’s existing site

c) Transforming on-line shops from one platform to another one

d) Integration of online shops with payment systems

e) Integration of online shops with 1С accounting


6. Promotion of the site in the Internet:


a) SEO – optimization

b) Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex


Every customer for us is special! We will help you make all your wishes and requirement come true!